Cooking Tips

Cook chicken to recommended temp
Cook chicken until juices run clear and to recommended internal cooking temperature.

Cook to proper temp
It is very important to cook meat, including chicken, to the proper temperature to assure wholesomeness. Uncooked chicken should be cooked until the juices run clear. Check the internal temperature of your chicken using a clean, accurate meat thermometer.

Temperature is very important. Use a meat thermometer to check temperatures of meat to ensure accuracy. Use the temperature chart on the right to see more details on cooking temperatures.

Covered food
Covered food takes longer to cook in the oven.

Cutting board usage
Use separate cutting boards for vegetables and raw meats. If this is not possible, be sure to thoroughly clean the cutting board with hot, soapy water before cutting each ingredient and between cutting different slices of meat. Don’t forget to wash your knife, too!

Marinade and basting
If you’re planning to use a marinade to baste while cooking, divide the marinade into two separate containers. Use half to marinate and half to baste. Do not reuse the liquid used for marinating to baste your chicken.

More pieces take longer
More pieces in the pan will take longer to cook.

Sauces soups and gravy
Bring sauces, soups and gravy to a boil when reheating.

Space allowance
Allow space between pieces in baking pans.

Thermometer into thickest part
Insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the meat, and take the reading when the needle stops moving- about fifteen seconds. On bone-in chicken, take the temperature next to the bone. Be sure to clean the thermometer again right after using it.